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Kilocaine powder 99% pure online


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  • Buy Kilocaine Powder 99% Pure Online. Kilocaine is similar to: Cocaine
  • product price is $250 USD per ounce(28.4grams)
  • 25% off for 3 ounces and above
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Buy Kilocaine Powder 99% Pure Online.

Pure Kilocaine Powder

Kilocaine is similar to Cocaine. It is an exciting new branded research chemical, which has been receiving great reviews ever since its launch.

This chemical substance is also called ‘designer drug’. Kilocaine is a unique type of drug, whose chemical structure has been modified barely enough so that they are not explicitly effective in accordance with the law.

Kilocaine is often referred to as a ‘legal high’ or ‘bath salt’. It is legally marketed, and its effects are very similar to the parent illegal drug from which they originated. The research chemical remains legal and unscheduled, making it all the more attractive.

Buy Kilocaine powder in bulk. Place your order with us today and enjoy our outstanding services.

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1 Ounce, 10 Grams, 15 Grams, 3.5 Grams

22 reviews for Kilocaine powder 99% pure online

  1. Ralph

    few days late to finalise but it’s fire shit, bone dry, ndd, nextgeneration continues to be the best vendor i’ve ever seen

  2. Wayne

    2DD. Thanks for the consistently high quality service.

  3. Dylan

    excellent service and good speed. would recommend this seller to anyone

  4. Logan

    Perfect once again great great great

  5. Gabriel

    Excellent service as always – NDD and extremely good stealth! Smells cleaner than last time and a little overweight, cheers!

  6. Randy


  7. Eugene

    Very fast delivery , dry solid rock amphetamine , nice stimulation with no negative effects , i LOVE it !

  8. Nicole

    Nice big rocks.. just had a big fat line and I’m very impressed. 10/10 for stealth. Will be back for def

  9. Roy

    Finalised early cos have 100% confidence in this seller. And sure enough, it arrived no probs – wee bit later than in ‘normal’ times, but these are kinda crazy times, so I’m just delighted to get it! One love…

  10. Diana

    great service as usual from next generation

  11. Brittany

    Arrived quick even with all other mail taking ages. Good stealth. Thanks

  12. Danielle

    Top Vendor, NDD and stealthy; 100% Recommend

  13. Vincent

    Top professional vendor and my goto- always excellent stealth, fast delivery and high quality potent amphetamine- thanks 🙂

  14. Randy

    Nice product defo worth the money, good stealth, although I would remove the template origin from the bottom left of the document. Will defo by again. 5 stars

  15. Tyler

    decent for bombing but not for sniffing for some reason

  16. Abigail

    These guys are always on point – NDD and a little overweight, great phet too

  17. Vincent

    You never fail to disappoint! Thanks NextGeneration

  18. Theresa

    Great product, always on point. Good stealth too.

  19. Douglas

    Super fast delivery. Good stealth. Stuff smells a little bit funny compared the last batch but it works so whatever. 5/5

  20. Vincent

    Good stuff, comes in slightly overweight, and discreet packaging.

  21. Katherine

    Been ordering from NextGen for a long time and there’s never been a better vendor. You can count on their professional high quality standards- including potent phet, fast delivery and top notch stealth.

  22. Janet

    Arrived, reliable & trusthworthy as usual,postage arrival seems to get faster every time :),wouldn’t go anywhere else for whizz

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