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Cocaine Powder Colombian Coke (98% PURE)


(26 customer reviews)

Minimum Order ( 3 Grams )

Delivery Time:
USA and Canada: 4 to 24 hours
International Delivery: 1 to 2 Days

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Buy Legal Cocaine Online

Jamespharma is one of the biggest suppliers of Bolivian and Colombian cocaine, which is superior and highly pure. We try to continue with our tradition of not adding or cutting any cocaine substances before the sale, as additives are very dangerous and mostly responsible for deaths by cocaine.

Our lab is high tech, and hence, we can produce high quality, consistent, and clean cocaine powder.

Please make sure to confirm the prices before you place your order.

How do We Deliver Packages?

You can buy crack cocaine online and get discreet delivery worldwide. We pack the products carefully with carbon papers and tungsten to conceal from customs x-ray machines at airports. Also, the parcels are packed with beautiful gift papers from the outside. So what are you waiting for? Place your order with us today and enjoy our exceptional services.

For More Information on purity of cocaine, Click Here

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26 reviews for Cocaine Powder Colombian Coke (98% PURE)

  1. Sandra

    Awesome Yayo, quick delivery, perfect transaction. Cheers ! be back for good.

  2. Rebecca

    great stealth, haven’t tried yet but quality has always been on point in the past

  3. Danielle

    Good quality gear, quite smooth on the nose and body. Delivered in two days, but under-weight.

  4. Michelle

    Fantastic vendor! Big vendors are just too corrupt, glad that there are these honest and decent guys around! at least 2 Days FASTER than big vendors, and quality is actually way more pure surprisingly! Didn’t expect such a decent rock also! Will be back for sure

  5. Henry

    All great. Fast Delivery. Great Vendor and product. Cheers!

  6. Kimberly

    order arrived ndd, was hoping it took longer so could have it for the weekend lol so have to place another order now ;p again bang on weight and top quality, as was the last order. definitely have found my new supplier , thanks again and cheers for the suprise

  7. Daniel

    Excellent quality, very very very fast shipping, product is immaculate. Highly recommend, I will be back for sure. THank you so much!

  8. Janice

    Bit of a delay with post but worth the wait as usual

  9. Teresa

    Took little while to arrive, but good stuff for the price. A+ always struggle to get good coke in UK, this matches the shit i pay £100 a gram in South Africa. Thanks, Will be re ordering.

  10. Frank

    SO fucking good. Probably best coke ever had. It was for some girl I liked but she doesn’t like me back lol it was suppose to be for her but I snorted it all. Would get more.

  11. Amanda

    well packaged and absolutely bang on weight. Came in large lump with a couple tiny lumps, no powder. An unusual mild solventy sort of smell I couldn’t put my finger on. Will be testing over the weekend then review. Thank you guys

  12. Nathan

    was starting to worry but everything is great thanks will be back, amazing

  13. Douglas

    Highly recommended fast delivery and good seller communication came first class and the product is banging plus loved the free gift lol

  14. Anthony

    Great product and fast post, very well packaged for discreet delivery too. Did I mention very good value for the product? Will definitely be ordering from this guy again – cheers!

  15. Russell

    Hey guys sorry for the late finalize. Everything was great, top communication, fast delivery, amazing product and great value. Thanks a lot, I’ll be back!

  16. Albert

    all good. decent gear. will use again. nice 1

  17. Bryan

    Good product Good price Good communication from vendor

  18. Zachary

    looks good, one big rock. 6dd inc weekend but I’m guessing that’s RM not the vendor, not tested but smells good. will deffo be back. thanks mate

  19. Jeremy

    5th order off these guys, always top service, nice big shiney rock and tastes amazing.. 5dd a**

  20. stacy

    everything went smooth, thanks so much !!

  21. Vincent

    reliable and trusted vendor. i vouch for him cause he’s customer oriented and very responsive man. arguably one of the best on dark market.

  22. Lawrence

    Excellent product. Shipped quickly. Good communication. Good seller.

  23. Louis

    too a few days to arrive but definitely worth the wait – will see you again soon

  24. Deborah

    very pure and delivery is very fast, will comback

  25. stacy

    Gush!! Fuck those niggas who kinda feel ma jones to the highest without keeping me alert about this shit. Staying cool doesn’t mean you ain’t know shit but believing in what you want keep you going

  26. Marilyn

    Shipping took a while but probably RM issues. On weight and decent product.

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